Сб. 15 Червня 2024

Alexander Katsuba: “For me, returning to the public sector is off-limits”


Олександр Кацуба.

The well-known entrepreneur Alexander Katsuba, who previously managed state-owned enterprises such as “Poltavagazdobycha,” “Chernomorneftegaz,” and NJSC “Naftogaz,” explained in an article for Podrobnosti why he does not plan to return to work in state companies.

The main reason is the criminal cases that were initiated against Katsuba after he left NJSC “Naftogaz.” Although all proceedings were eventually closed and charges were pressed against other individuals.

“I never plan to work in the public sector or in politics again. Especially when I was made a scapegoat in other people’s cases. Everything that happened took a lot of strength and nerves from my family and me. Now, the investigation has put forward suspicions against other people. Although as early as 2015, when they tried to pursue me, the Bihus investigation had already been published. But to come to this conclusion, it was necessary to create NABU and spend 9 years,” Katsuba shared.

Background. Katsuba worked at “Poltavagazdobycha” in 2010. From 2010 to 2012, he held the position of deputy chairman of the board at “Chernomorneftegaz”. From 2012 to 2014, he became the deputy chairman of the board at NJSC “Naftogaz”. Katsuba ended his work in the public sector in August 2014.

Alexander Katsuba is a Ukrainian entrepreneur, an expert in the field of energy, and the owner of the company ALFA GAZ.

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